Paris at a Slower Pace : April 5-13

Hello!   I wanted to start a discussion for this trip, to say hello to the other travelers.

  • Hello! Bonjour! Looking forward to our trip and meeting everyone. My sister Jane and I (Ellen) are traveling together.
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    We are traveling Independent Paris Road Scholar last week in March. I want to travel with light weight suitcase.
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    Are you looking for recommendations? In lieu of lightweight you can "shrink" your contents with compression packing cubes and use a smaller case. I use double zipper cubes with mesh tops. Easy to see what's in them, no need to press out air and are washable. Look for something like these I got mine on Travelsmith but they no longer sell them.

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    I agree with the compression packing cubes. I used to use Eagle Creek compression cubes but I've switched to a different brand now. Be careful that you are not just taking more stuff by compressing things and using a big suitcase, lol!

    Also check the weights of luggage sold as "lightweight". I have one that is a 21-inch and comes in at around 6#. It's heavier than I would like but it's smaller size limits how much I can take which is good.

    There is a skill to packing with packing cubes and a smaller suitcase. I recommend a couple of trial runs with everything you are going to take with you. Do this well ahead of when you actually need to pack so you know what you need to leave off your packing list!

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    True. I know we had to bring luggage on to ferry once and one gentleman mentioned how my suitcase looks small but it certainly weighed more than expected. I still can keep two weeks under 40 pounds. Polartec weighs nothing and compresses wonderfully. Hint: Fold clothes width of cube(s) and then tightly roll.
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    Well, I've got mine down to about 22# and can go for 6 weeks or so but I do sink wash so I can get by with 5-6 shirts and 3 pr pants. I use Ex Officio underwear which generally dries overnight so I wash that every evening. 1 spare pair of shoes.

    Agree on the lighweight but warm Polartec!
  • Bonjour! Very much looking forward. I am a single woman traveling alone.
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    Hey Ellen- hope you had a safe trip home, the longest day ever!!! I'm wracking my brain to remember the name of the restaurant with the pate entree and that divine chocolate mousse 'crack' ;-) dessert, any suggestions? What a wonderful time with a great group! Thanks. Kris
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    It is nearly impossible to imagine Paris without Notre Dame Cathedral. Let us hope the firefighters can prevent any
    spread fire on Île de la Cite.