Independent Study in Berlin

I am making this trip in October! V excited.

Wondering if past participants can share if there are any special items I should pack, something you wish you would have taken, Or anything you did pack that you found unnecessary.

Are the apartments very near the school? Do all participants live in the same building or are we scattered?

Roughly, how many Euros would you say is necessary per day or week? (Groceries, coffee, meals etc)

  • I'm on this trip, too! Good questions.

    I'm wondering also if it's really necessary to have a dictionary - there are good ones online.
  • My husband and I went on the first Living and Learning experience in Berlin in the spring of 2016 and loved it. At that time, about half of us walked to the school and the others used their transit pass. About four units were in our building behind the campus. I always pack light, which worked well, but I wished that I had packed a warm neck scarf and warm gloves. I honestly do not remember how much we spent, but probably less than some participants who ate out more. Probably $20 a day per person is fine for groceries, meals and museums, if you are not a shopper. We often used the school canteen right after class, and indulged in our favorite bakery most days. Even though we had a prepaid cell phone, it was a minimally smart smartphone. I put my iPhone on airplane mode and used it as my camera. We did not take a printed dictionary, but used app on the iPad or iPhone always. It is quicker and less frustrating. All apartments plus the school had free wifi. Be sure to take a plugin adaptor or buy one there for your tablet charger. Hairdryers were available in the apartments.
  • All of this information is on your Road Scholar page; in other words, on your account page.