Poland/Germany Auschwitz trip

I am new to Road Scholar.  I would like to correspond to anyone who has experienced this trip.  This will be my first travel experience solo and over 60.  

Thank you!

  • Hello Krism, my name is Larry. I am signed up for this trip leaving Sept.27 return Oct. 7. I am originally from Philly
    area (South Jersey) but now live in Arizona. This will be my 3rd trip with RS, all of them solo. I've found that RS
    travelers are very welcoming to solos, so nothing toward about on that score. Of course, the emotional experience
    of a trip like this is another thing altogether. I'm hoping we all get through it with an overall positive outcome/outlook.
  • This will be my 6th Road Scholar trip and my first solo, although I’ve gone on many other trips solo. I am 71 years of age. Each trip has been wonderful.
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    Hello Bette, look forward to meeting you and the others. I think, so far, there are only 8 of us on this trip. Are you
    aware of any others that may be on the trip? So it appears to REALLY be a 'small group'. I have no problem with
    that, we'll probably all bond a lot closer than if we were a group of 24. Especially in view of the subject matter
    we shall be examining.
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    Thank you Larry for your email. I plan to sign up for this trip in 2019. Hope you will post your experience when you return. I will be going on the Heart of the Civil Rights Movement in October. That's one of the items on my bucket list! I live in Seattle.
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    Thank you Bette! I will be 67 in November and just now beginning my travels, I still work 3 days a week because I love what I do! I am going on an Alaskan Cruise next month (not RS) then October I will be going with RS to Heart of the Civil Rights. So excited to start traveling!!
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    Yes, Krism, I certainly will post my experiences on this trip. Sorry I won't get to meet you this time around.
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    Great! Thank you Larry and I will look forward to your pictures and comments. Are you signed up for any other RS trips? Have you been on any previously? Can I ask??????? Why RS and not Rick Steeves or a travel agency? As I said before I am new to traveling so would like to hear all I can from those before me:-)
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    I have been on 2 previous RS trips. The first one was about a year after my wife passed away in 2016. It was a trip
    to Mexico and the city of San Miguel de Allende. I went solo and found the people on the trip to be very open, friendly
    and inclusive. The experience was so positive, I went on a second trip with RS to Yucatán (Water and the Maya). Once again, I found fellow travelers to be open and friendly and the guides were true experts (on both trips). Both trips offered
    very comfortable lodgings and really good food. I don't think you'll be disappointed throwing in with RS.

    Oh, and I love watching Rick Steeves, but RS caters to a clientele 'of a certain age' and takes its educational mission
    seriously while at the same time providing interesting and diverting activities.
  • I myself have not been on this trip but a good friend, who's mother was encamped at Auschwitz, went and said it was quite an experience. Each person will receive a different experience. I don't want to say more as guessing from what she said that not knowing what to expect is part of each persons experience. I was recently on a trip with a gentlemen who went on same trip; he had a conversation with a gentleman who was the official photographer for the camp and said it was a life changer.
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    Thank you so much for sharing this.
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    I'm sure that each person will experience this trip in his or her own personal way. I was born into a loving family,
    but they were incorrigibly racist and anti-semitic (which I didn't even recognize until I got to high school). I had
    a difficult time (about 15 years) trying to work my way through it all. I'm hoping for a bit of soul-cleansing.
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    I have no words other than one that may apply to your situation; Shalom.
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    Thank you all for your messages. I appreciate all your opinions.
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    Yes, thank you...a most appropriate word.
  • I have been on this particular trip. It was an unforgettable experience; profoundly moving and emotional. If you have any interest in learning more about the Holocaust, this is the one to take. The pace is very well thought out and the presentations / lectures at the various locations are done with extreme thoughtfulness and respect. You will not be disappointed.