Poland/Germany Auschwitz trip

I am new to Road Scholar.  I would like to correspond to anyone who has experienced this trip.  This will be my first travel experience solo and over 60.  

Thank you!

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    Thank you Vicki. "Unforgettable experience; profoundly moving and emotional". Exactly what I hope to encounter on
    this trip.
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    In reply to my own "Thank you Vicki", I did indeed have a profoundly moving and emotional experience. I tried to dutifully take photos. But then, on the first day at Auschwitz, I encountered a mountain of 10's upon 10's of thousands
    of shoes of all sizes. I was struck dumb, my stomach tightened and I found that I no longer had any urge to photograph
    what was left of millions of people's lives. It somehow seemed a sacrilege to continue. Our group was fortunate to
    include 2 or 3 members who, with artistic eye and abundant sensitivity, managed to take wonderful (and soul-searing)
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    We all take things in differently and in my case I felt the need to document and then share my photos with friends & family who had not experienced Auschwitz in person. Yes, the shoe display speaks volumes as to the ages and genders of its victims, but I personally found the selection platform and the primitive housing structures within Auschwitz-Birkenau II to be more upsetting.
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    I am sure your pictures were taken with great care and sensitivity. I wish I could have done the same. I just felt
    so empty. I was glad to be a solo on this trip. I was able to cry in solitude.