Iceland July 1-13

My husband and I are traveling with 4 teenage grandkids....we have done Road Scholar trips with them before and they enjoy the programs and meeting other kids.  Any one else going on the July 1 trip???


Karen and Leon Oxman


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  • We are looking forward to taking our Grandchildren on a RS Intergenerational trip and are waiting patiently for them to get a little older, but waiting impatiently as we grow older. Any advice or thoughts about traveling with a nine year old boy and two seven year old first cousins?
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    We began small with these 4 to Alaska....rented a condo in NYC....have done 1 grandparent to 1 kid, RS International, Australia and Italy. What sex are the two 7 y/o? Do the kids know each other well? I think age 10 and up for Domestic works, and maybe 12 and up for International, unless they have traveled with you a lot. We had some grandparents who did not know their grands really well who struggled. Ours live within a mile of us so were comfortable with any travel we proposed. We are 85 and 75 but pretty active and love being with the kids. RS has good guidelines for ages for the specific programs. Oh....on our own, we did a Galapagos with the kids, a great one, truly! I think RS has one also. If you have any specific questions, I am happy to help! I only ask the sex due to roomates issue.....RS wants an adult in each room, but sometimes, since ours are older, it is a challenge.....3 sibs and 1 cousin.....
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    Thanks for the very helpful response. We know all three very well, two live within five minutes of us ---one girl and a boy. and the other, a girl, lives in Oregon, we live in Virginia.. Grandson is or will be nine and two granddaughters --first cousins--will be seven when we travel. Had not thought very hard about the sleeping arrangements.
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    We generally have had grandpa with our boy, and me with the girls.....where are you planning to take them?
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    Hands on experiential trips. Something with tidepools and beaches.

    Thanks for your help.