Best time of year to go to Iceland.

We are planning a trip to Iceland in 2019 and are wondering if the travel in June or July is significantly better in some way than travel in September. 

  • Don't know yet! Following the weather helps a bit, but we leave on Sunday, back July 13th. I have friends doing the trip in Sept who hope to catch some northern lights, but that is doubtful. I can respond when we get back! I would think, from what I have studied, that July would be the best time, but you must be prepared for wet weather any time. I read Lonely Planet Iceland.
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    Thanks. Since I posted my question it occurred to me that the number of tourists in the Country would be higher in the summer months and that the crowds could be significant. Anyone have any experience with crowds in the summer?
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    Since we have to travel in summer with the kids, we have found RS to work are within walking distance of places to see, and they seem to keep us as much as possible out of huge crowds. Galapagos would work well over spring break, as the water is better then also, warmer, and it is a good trip for 7-9 days. I think it depends on where you are going!