What to wear?

If teaching English at the school, will women feel comfortable wearing slacks or should we were dresses/skirts?

  • Skirts are best. Not short ones, need to be knee length or longer. They are cooler too.
  • Hello, thank you for reaching out. Modest, casual, lightweight dress is the norm. Shorts should be Bermuda-length or culottes, as it is not customary to expose bare legs in public. No plunging necklines, tank tops or slinky clothing for women. A fleece jacket, windbreaker, or sweater is sufficient for the coolest temperatures. Breathable, quick-dry fabrics suitable for humid climate are recommended. Bring a pair of old socks to wear when you have to take off your shoes to go into places of worship and the Taj Mahal. We hope you have a wonderful time on your adventure! Best, Rachel