I just signed up for the teaching journey that starts Feb 6. I would enjoy getting to know the others on that trip before we get there!

Hello all!  This is my first Road Scholar adventure.  I am eager to begin and to meet the others on the trip.  I have traveled internationally before for many different reasons and with many  different  groups.  For me,  it is fun to see stuff but the most important part is meeting new friends.  So, I already consider us all friends and it will be fun to meet up in person too.

God bless you!   Stephanie

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    Hello, Steph,
    I can't find your other discussion area where you were talking about visa issues. How do I find it? Were you finally successful in getting your visa?
    Cindy, I hope you are still with us. I haven't heard from you in awhile.
    I have checked the weather there. It seems like it is quite a bit warmer than I expected it to be. But I guess layers are always the way to go.
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    Hello! My name is Laurie and I will be meeting and working with you all on this extraordinary opportunity to learn and teach. I have never been to India but, like others, have traveled to many places, always learning and enjoying. My teaching experience is in mathematics, not language, so all of the suggestions I have read about in these emails have been very helpful. Thank you all. By the way I am from CA, and like others in our group, grew up in NY (on Long Island). See you all soon.
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    Hi Laurie, I am Stephanie . I live in Minnesota. These discussion threads are nearly impossible to follow. I think I have responded to at least three others and can't find any of them. I have no educational background at all except that I am educated!! LOL!!! I am an emergency room doctor. I've never been to India either and I"ve never taught English, but I can speak it! LOL!! The travel site said no one needed to "be" an educator to teach English so .....I believed it and signed up. We will see what happens.
    I'm sad that I can't see the rest of these feeds. Early on, someone had some really good ideas about what things to bring for the children and I put it out of my mind until closer to departure. I figured I'd just look it up again and get stuff....I am bringing two suitcases for sure since that is what we are allowed. One for giftings that will be emptied and then filled up again with stuff to bring home!! The other for the usual stuff ya need for overseas travel. I have traveled internationally since 1973 when I was stationed in Germany in the Army. Last year I was out of the USA 4 times. Dunno if that seems "extensive" or not. It all depends on the experiences of those with whom we are speaking doesn't it?
    This is my first trip with RS, too. What about you?
    IF you answer questions I might or might not be able to see them!! Anyway, we'll all be together soon!
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    Stephanie, Thank you for your quick response to my 'hello' message. To answer at least one of your questions, I have been on many RS trips and for me one of the most delightful parts is getting to know the other people on the trip. I am fortunate in that my personal doctor is from India, Jaipur in fact. She has been most helpful in her suggestions and support. I am very excited about learning and exploring this culture that seems so extraordinary and different from ours. It appears that we all have much knowledge and many experiences that we are bringing along. And yes, we will meet very soon. Be well till then, Laurie
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    Laurie and Stephanie, Hello!
    Stephanie, you are right I was lost somewhere,too. I even called Road Scholar to check on tech problems-but it probably was me! Yes, Laurie, I grew up on Long Island, also. Cindy was in correspondence with us earlier. There are three flights mentioned in the booklet- and Stephanie's is not listed, so there must be one more of us.

    I also have a "gift" suitcase. The teacher told me earlier to look for Fujifilm instax film. It seems to be a polaroid like film. He also mentioned candy. Though hesitant-I packed some. I also got some valentines. I think he said there were 44 students.

    I have been to India before visiting some friends. I will visit them for two days after our trip. I visited them for a week three years ago. So I am bringing some Indian clothes I had to buy when my suitcase got lost. Word of warning their clothing sizes are very small. So try everything on.

    I am so happy to be connected with all of you again! Steph, I am sure all your visa issues got solved. Laurie, this will be a great adventure! Etta
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    This was a great adventure for Laurie, Stephanie, two other participants, and myself. I enjoyed every part of it from teaching to sightseeing to meeting new friends. This program was a great mix of activities. All guides and leaders were informative and accommodating. It was just plain wonderful!
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    Hi! This is Cindy. Welcome home! It is wonderful to see your news about the trip to India. I'm sorry that I didn't join you, as it sounds great and I would have enjoyed the fun of new friends and experiences. I was not seeing responses to my messages and decided to postpone the idea. Instead I'll go to an Indian Reservation in November to work with middle school children. Be well and maybe we'll meet on another excursion. I would like that!
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    Cindy, I was looking for you! Stephanie and I also experienced the same news blackout. Yes, I do hope we meet on some tour in the future. Your upcoming work on the Indian Reservation has tempted me also! Enjoy your time and catch you another time. Etta
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    Thanks Etta. I'm looking forward to it. The India trip must have been wonderful, and I'm sorry I missed it. Maybe we'll meet on a trip in the future. Do you have plans to travel with RS again or past trips to recommend? Happy Spring! Cindy
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    Hi Cindy, Yes we really missed getting to know you on the India trip. I can recommend it heartily. Yes I will be using RS I think for just about all my future trips. I really liked the one on one teaching and the small service group. Am thinking about a trip for myself and my 15 y/o grandson this summer....Any suggestions? Anybody?
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    Stephanie, RS has special trips for grandparents and grandchildren. I am sure you will find something there. Etta