A review of my first read "India Becoming"

This book is by author Akash Kapur.  He describes what is happening in India due to its transition form a "planned economy to a Capitalist economy".  The author interviews several citizens over a period of time to learn  how their lives are transitioning because of  the "new India".   India is booming with Tech start ups, jobs, opportunities, and money for those in the workforce.  The downside, of course, is loss of some traditions like farming, small business, certain values, a troubled environment, etc.  The upside includes salaries, a growing middle class, better quality of living as regards consumerism, increased diversity in food, clothes, etc..  It's all about change, and the challenges and happiness that a transitioning world brings to those experiencing it.  I highly recommend the book; it increases my anticipation to visit India and this brand new world.