Review of the film "Lion"

A heartwarming story of a child who wanders onto a stopped train, falls asleep and upon waking finds himself on a moving train. Some two days later, the train stops in what to the boy is an unknown place where the language is foreign. He has several scary adventures in this place where he is forced to survive on the street. He ends up in an orphanage and after a time is sent to live in Australia with a loving couple who adopt him. The scene jumps to some twenty years later, the boy is 20-ish, has had a good life and is in college where hemeets the girl of his dreams and falls in love. But he is troubled by his past and has many sleepless nights as he tries to remember the India and family he left behind. After much research and the help of Google Earth, he finally finds the village of his birth. He travels there to find his mother, who has never left his thoughts. From there the reader is treated to a journey and will learn if this coming of age story has a happy ending or not. Do see the film if you are travelling to India; I highly recommend it.