I was in India 21 days on the north and south trip, the air was very polluted every where we went no matter if it was the country or the city. I was sick the last week of the 3 week tour. If I was to do it again I would go only for 4,5 or 6 day and just hit the highlights in the north west such as the Taj Mahal ect..

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  • I am leaving for New Delhi on 2/9/2019. I was wondering when you were in India. I did not see a date with your comment. Also can you recommend best place to change US dollars to rupees.
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    I spent 3 wks in India last Feb and LOVED it. I plan to go back at first chance.
    Yes, air quality was poor in the cities, but unless you have respiratory problems you should be fine. There are mountains of plastic that need recycling, but the people were very friendly. Our guide Prakash made sure we were able to meet families and school groups. Celebrated Holi with families and boat crew. India is a very spiritual country...not "religious" but spiritual.
    The food is delicious. We used common sense when eating, avoiding fresh fruits and vegetables that were not peeled and not one of our group got "Delhi belly". I took charcoal capsules with me and twice, when having a slight "twinge" in my stomach, i took a couple and it worked like magic.
    Have a great time! India is a pleasure!
    Oh yeah...easiest way to get rupees was from hotel ATMs. I used very few rupees. Actually brought some home. Shops and hotels took credit cards.
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    Thank you for your reply. Glad to hear you didn't have a problem using the ATM machine at the hotel. Maybe I'll take less cash on this trip. Did you ever use US dollars to buy things. Oh, forgot to ask you if you brought an electrical adapter with you for your phone/camera/laptop.
    Does the round double prong adapter work or will I need the round three prong adapter.
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    I'm going on the three week trip in January and have a question about luggage. I usually pack light - just a carry on, but would like to have a more generous bag, both for additional clothing and for purchases. Are there many instances when the bag would have to be lifted, say in and out of transport vehicles or up and down stairs? I plan to check it for the international flights. Any other suggestions?