Taking a Walk

Has anyone been on a hiking program in Ireland that was memorable?

  • No, I haven't been on a hiking trip in Ireland but I was wondering if anyone viewing my post will be going with the small group on the trip: At your pace Ireland July 13-23. I've made my own travel plans within the tour times so I can meet up and go to hotel together arriving and departing.
  • yes - I did the wee ramble 2 years ago. Beautiful scenery and much to discover. Lovely companions. I go solo, but have always found amiable folks when I wanted company!
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    I'm taking the Enchanting Ireland, Town and Country September 14. I also travel alone and enjoy the group experience - especially for dinner when we all celebrate the day. I've taken two trips to Italy and Sicily and was tempted to see another part of Italy but my daughter said that it's a big world out there. See it all!