Cinque Terra Sept 7-15


Wondering about what to pack for our hiking trip in Italy. It has been a long time since I traveled overseas. Since we are on a hiking tour can we stay with casual clothing even for evening meals?  Anyone have suggestions? 

  • Although I am not on this tour, I have been to Cinque Terre several times. I've also not stayed in Portovenere (stayed at Monterosso al Mare twice and Levanto once). The whole area is ~very~ casual and you should be fine with your hiking clothes on for dinners.

    TBH on ALL the RS tours I've done to Europe I just went to dinner in my tour or walking clothing from the day.

    It will still be pretty warm in CT this time of year so I'd prepare for that. The paths in CT are pretty rocky so I'd have sturdy trail shoes. You won't need heavy duty hiking boots but I'd have something with a good sole. You WILL see people hiking along in flipflops and other inappropriate footwear, lol.

    My normal European "tour clothes" are 4-5 Lands End cotton/modal Short Sleeve Tees, capris (poly/cotton) if it is hot, long pants for the plane. I would take a waterproof rain jacket with a hood. I'd have a sunshirt, sunhat, sunglasses and sun screen, lol! I'm also a light packer and do my wash in the sink in a 2 gal ziplock bag.

    Make sure you've got some money with you on your hikes because there are some stands selling HOMEMADE limoncello in some places along the CT trails, lol! Not sure if they will be on the trails you visit but they are definitely on the trail between Vernazza and Monterosso!

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    Thanks for the helpful information. How much Euros do you suggest taking. We will be in CT for 12 days. I read that most places take credit cards, but is that the case in small places, or a markets?
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    I usually take about 200E to start with so I can get from the airport to my first location (unless RS is picking you up?) and have a meal or two before I have to deal with the ATM. I just looked at what looks like your program, and IF you are doing your transfer from the arrival airport on your own, I'd calculate that cost then add enough money for a meal or two if you are arriving before your tour begins.

    After that I use a local ATM (bank -based) to pull out Euro on my debit card. I notify my bank before travel. Your guide can tell you the closest ATM/Cashpoint or if it's before the program starts the hotel front desk will point you to a place to withdraw cash on your debit card.

    In CT I'd expect most places will take credit cards as they do a booming tourist business but you are right, the smaller stands or markets may only take cash.

    Now that I've traveled some I usually try to bring home about 200E as seed money for my next trip!

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    I've not been on the cinque terre trip yet, but on all others, I withdrew 200Euro from a ATM at the airport and that's sometimes all I need for a two or three week trip. I take home unspent cash for the next trip. It's enough for lunches or snacks or little souvenirs. I do notify my credit union before I leave.