Cooking in Sicily


  I am arriving in Taormina on the 18th of this month. Anyone else going?

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  • Yes, I'm in a group of 3.
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    We took this trip last year. Was one of the best vacations ever, especially if you are a foodie.Chef Massimo was a joy to work with. Loved going to the market to choose the veggies and fish we world cook that day. Our fellow travelers were incredible and so much fun to be with. Our guide Rosa was absolutely the best and added local info and color to the whole experience. Hotel was in a lovely location and there was plenty of time to explore on our own. Hope you enjoy as much as we did !
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    Looking forward to this trip on2/10/2018. First time in Europe for me so doubly excited.Love to cook and eat. I am also 1/2 Sicilian and am familiar with much of the cuisine. Can't wait to meet the rest of the group!!
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    Best wishes to you all. Hope Rosa is your guide. If so please give her our best from Bob, Sherry and the rest of the gang from10/9-18/2017.
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    Rosa was wonderful! Brilliant! She has a vast knowledge of so many areas of history, art, mythology, geography and so much more. Say hello from me - Linda from September 17 -26, 2016
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    I'm also 1/2 Sicilian. I was very surprised to see the huge difference in the cuisine of the island and what I grew up with. The most obvious difference is the portion sizes. Massimo is a delight.
  • We are taking our first international trip with this destination in November 2018. Super excited! Looks a great combo of structured activities and free time.
  • Hi My partner and I will be arriving the 20 of October 2018 for cooking trip. Staying at Hotel Condor 2 days prior to start of trip on Oct. 22. My email:
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    Hello to Craig and ***, It was nice to have met you both. We wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy and Healthy 2019. Peace, Richard and Dawn from Chicago