Hiking difficulty of Italian Lakes vs. Amalfi Coast vs. Cinque Terre

I recently returned from Hiking the Amalfi Coast (actually the trip was titled "Walking") which was quite strenuous but wonderful. I would like to know how the hikes in the Italian Lakes and/or the Cinque Terre compare to those on the Amalfi Coast. Thanks.

  • I'm going to Cinque Terre in October and it's rated as "Active".  Last year's Taormina trip was rated "active " as well.  I had no problem even though I had a hip replacement 3 months prior to the trip.  

    I'm a bit worried about the October trip as the terrain looks much MUCH steeper.

    I'd also like to read some feedback for this area.

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    Corniglia is the only town that is a steep climb. A lot of people skip it and it's small and rather primitive. The walk to the other towns is pretty easy. If you're going in the summer it will be crowded - get on the trail as early as possible.
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    I have enrolled in the April 2018 trip to celebtate my 70th birthday. I would appreciate hearing about your experiences on your trip. I read that the steepest part of the trip is the 400 steps section. I have never liked steps and I was a little put off by that but have started hiking some steep trails with steps. I count the steps and have found that 400 is easy to manage. Slow and steady no need to rush. I'm sure you will be able to complete this journey. Please keep me informed.
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    I will be hiking Cinque Terra next April and would be grateful for any advice you may offer. Thanks
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    Took this trip 3 years ago when 70/72. Skipped the 400 steps via a van. Southern towns cut off at that time due to rock fall on flat easy trail. Walked northern towns with some steep parts with no problem. Fantastic views, worth the effort. Avoid crowds in high season.
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    I just returned from Cinque Terre and I think the trails are steep in some areas but what I found most difficult was that the trails going up and down are mostly stone steps of varying heights. It was strenous but certainly not impossible. The guide was very considerate and helped whenever needed. Let me know if you want more information.
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    Did Cinque Terre in June 2018. Very treacherous trails. Please read my review under the Cinque Terre program. I've taken many RS programs and until this one, I've always thought RS tends to over rate the level of physical exertion required. NOT for Cinque Terre, though. I had what could have been a catastrophic accident. I'm in decent shape and work out regularly but most of these trails are just downright dangerous. RS needs to put a stronger warning on this one.
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    I have to agree with you regarding the difficulty of the hikes. I have hiked in several areas: White Mountains, Zion, Bryce  Canyon, Grand Canyon, Yosemite etc. BUT I found the trails in Cinque Terre very challenging. The 400 steps was easy compared to the stone steps on the trails. There was an injury on the trail during our trip and we also saw a hiker that had to be air lifted off the trail. It was a fabulous trip and our guide was wonderful but I would agree there should be a stronger warning. This was my first RS experience and I am hesitant to take another.