Roaming Roam - May 5-13, 2019

I just wanted to start this discussion and see if anyone will check in.  It would be nice to know a little about our group before we meet in a few weeks.

I am Bob, my wife is Pat and we are from Long Beach, California.  I am a retired physician and Pat is working half-time at the University of California Dominguez Hills.

We have three married children and four grandchildren.

This is our first Road Scholar tour and we are looking forward to a new way of traveling and meeting other people in the Road Scholar travel community. We are also returning to Rome for the first time in 50 years!!

  • Hi Bob.
    This is Ray Hoobler and my wife and I will also be on the upcoming program. I tried to respond two days ago but it apparently didn't go through. If this one does I'll tell you more about us. Meanwhile we're looking forward to meeting you and the others as we ex-lore Rome.
  • So this time it looks like it worked! I'm a retired mathematician and Frances is a painter living in New York City. We're jealous since we only have three grandchildren!
    We had a wonderful trip to Florence several years ago that I planned so we will compare the two cities during our time in Rome. This is also our first Road Scholar trip since before now I would do the planning but that's become just a little too much for me.
    We look forward to meeting you and Pat.
  • In reply to franceskuehn083128:

    Ray and Frances, thanks for contributing to this little thread. I haven't been great at checking it more frequently. Looking forward to meeting in person this coming Monday. Safe travels, Bob
  • This is Jennie Lamb, and my husband,Roger, and I are retired musicians living in Newhall, CA. We retired to CA to be with our son and his family, after living all our lives on the East Coast. This will be our first time in Rome and our first trip with Road Scholar. We are looking forward to this trip.