Birding and Monarch butterflies around Mexico City

We (my wife and I) are taking our first Road Scholar trip in November - 'Birding in the land of the Maya'. After the official part of the tour ends, we intend to spend 3 days and 3 nights in Mexico City on our own. I will greatly appreciate it if people could respond to the following queries that we have:


  1. Recommendations for a fairly priced hotel in Mexico city in a safe neighborhood
  2. Recommendations for vegetarian restaurants in Mexico city
  3. Are their private guides that anyone knows of for a half day birding in Mexico City. We would have come from 2 weeks of intensive birding in the Yucatan region. So, we would want to do birding here if we were likely to see a significant number of species that we did not see earlier
  4. I believe November is the first month of Monarch butterfly migration into Mexico. Is it possible to see some of it with Mexico City as the base in one day?


Thanks very much for your help.