Water and the Maya

Hello all,

My wife and I are on the March "Water and the Maya" tour.

May I recommend three videos:

"Maya to Aztec: Ancient Mesoamerica Revealed" by Dr. Edwin Barnhart (put out by The Great Courses). A great primer! 48 lectures on 8 DVDs.

"Breaking the Maya Code" by  David Lebrun. One DVD.

"Apocalypto" by Mel Gibson. Fiction. One movie version of life at the end of Maya civilization.

All are in the library system.

best regards,

Walt (& Gretha)

  • Hey Walt, I only just discovered that you started this discussion. Remember seeing a PBS presentation (Nova?) about
    Dr. Lebrun and others making great inroads into the code of the Mayan glyphs (this was years ago). I also saw 'Apocalypto' when it was firstreleased years ago. Excellent film. You and I have already responded to each other on this board. If you get to see thispost, just want to say I'm interested in returning to Yucatán in November for the birding expedition. If you're interested, would love to make your acquaintance in person on the trip. Larry
  • Hi Walt and Larry,
    My two daughters and i are on the Water and Maya tour in January 2018. I really appreciate the information and i will be sure to look for the DVS's and Film you have recommended. Is there anything other helpful hints that you could offer? Perhaps a don't miss, or great places to eat (or avoid) on our free nights in the different cities we will be stopping at.
    We are really looking forward to the experience.
  • In reply to susan032834:

    Hello Susan

    I'm sure you mean January 2019. Anyway, I was very impressed by the encyclopedic knowledge of our guides and
    the sheer wonder of the architectural AND astronomical achievements of a people who barely had knowledge of the
    wheel. They were truly ingenious ! They were also warlike, which probably contributed to their eventual downfall
    as a meso-american empire.

    Trust your guides on recommendations for good places to eat, they never let our group down. As for other places
    to see/visit while you're there, you may just want to take a separate trip to Yucatán. This (Water and the Maya) trip
    is its own adventure, and you'll be busy most of the day, and grateful for someone (your guides) to suggest places
    to eat when you do have 'free time'. Enjoy your Yucatán adventure!
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    Thank you so much for your quick reply. I did mean 2019! We are excited to see these amazing sites and happy to hear how impressed you were with the guides. Best regards, Susan
  • In reply to susan032834:

    Susan, I presume you have returned from your "Water and the Maya" trip and I'm curious what impressions you have
    concerning the trip, your guides and the Maya.