Mexico City tour and San Miguel

I am doing these two back to back trips in October.  Any helpful hints out there?

Lil, Cleveland Ohio

  • Only that you should be prepared to thoroughly enjoy your trip. Mexico City is the beating heart of Mexico and you won't
    want to leave the Anthropology Museum. I could have stayed a week in Mexico City just to visit it every day. Restaurants are
    to die for.

    San Miguel de Allende is full of charm and history (and a lot of gringo expats,too!). The town exerts its own magical ambience and is chock full of interesting restaurants, shops and interesting people. If you aren't having a good time,
    check your pulse.
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    Did you enjoy this trip as far as the accommodations and places you saw? Thanks
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    LOVED this trip! Accommodations were all very comfortable, the food was wonderful, the guides were professional,
    knowledgable and friendly, and both Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende were enchanting. Oh yeah, and my
    fellow travelers were friendly AND interesting.