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I am trying to choose between Beyond the Pharaohs, Best of Egypt, and Egyptian Odyssey. Usually I prefer hotels over ships, as I like to use free time to explore and try local food. However, if this is not advisable then maybe staying on a ship would be easier and involve less change. I also wonder how ship food compares to hotel food, or if either has any local flavor or is just Americanized. Otherwise, it looks like any of the trips go to mostly the same places. Thanks for any advice.

  • Hi - we had the same concerns and opted for Egyptian Odyssey on the basis of the Lake Nasser cruise. A friend advised that one would see more wildlife and a different aspect that on the Nile portion. We will also be interested in possible finding some local food in Cairo and Luxor. We will miss Alexandria of course, but thought we could combine that with a trip to Malta in 2021. Fingers crossed. Travel well, Lynne
  • I have been to Egypt, but not with Road Scholars. The Nile River boats are fine, and dock at the important places. The docks are often a little way out of the main part of town, but there are usually one or two taxis at the doc. The food in Egypt consists of a lot of grilled meat etc. You MUST NOT eat uncooked food. No cucumbers or tomatoes. Don't even think about raw veggies or salad. Otherwise, you will be fine. Only drink bottled beverages. We did not enjoy Cairo that much - big city with LOTS of crazy traffic. However, once we got out of Cairo, we had a wonderful time and what we saw was wonderful. In our opinion, the Museum with ancient artifacts in Luxor was actually better than the big museum in Cairo. Try to see both, or the one in Luxor.
    You will undoubtedly have an Egyptian "escort", guard/monitor on your trip. At least we did, and he wore a gun. Do not be alarmed. There were Tourist Police everywhere with rifles. Do not be alarmed. In part, this is to keep tourists from desecrating their history. You might not be able to do much wandering about. We ate most of our meals at hotels or on the boat, as we felt that was more dependable. Do bring back some tourist souvenir trinkets that you find for sale in the markets. They are a big source of income for Egyptians. You can also buy textiles and hand painted papyrus pictures. Egypt is really a once in a lifetime experience. Not to be missed.
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    Thanks for the tips. I'm looking forward to my Egyptian trip.