Egypt - Beyond the Pharaohs

Did anyone have difficulty breathing while in Cairo? My sister is thinking of joining me, but she has emphysema and is concerned about the air quality in Cairo.

  • My short answer is no, I didn't. I participated in the "Egypt Beyond the Pharaohs" in January / February 2017. It was a fabulous experience!! I do not have emphysema, but I do have an occasionally-persistent cough related to allergies. I never had a problem with air quality. We rode through heavy traffic in Cairo and in Alexandria -- with an amazingly expert bus driver! -- but the bus windows were always closed and the air conditioning / heating was on. LIke most of my group, I went in winter so it wouldn't be too hot, and it was indeed pleasant and even really cold in Alexandria. It is quite possible that the air quality was better because it was cool weather.
    My advice would be for both of you to GO, especially if you can book in cooler months. Our group leader, Ghada Doss, was exceptional, as was the entire RS team there. Security was excellent. The group was very helpful and accepting of the different physical capabilities among us. There won't be any pressure on your sister to do the more challenging activities if she chooses not to. I did almost everything, but not all, and the group just did what they did. I found we really looked out for each other. (Your group leader, or security guy, or others in your group may choose to sit on the sidelines or in the bus too. Your sister won't be left alone. No worries!) But GO. The sights and experiences are so worth it.
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    We will be going on the trip Beyond the Pharaohs in Oct. I was concerned about taking medications both prescription and non into the country. My husband and i carry several meds with us (prescription in original containers) and I will take 2 different inhalers. I have heard some countries forbid certain meds and confiscate them. I have contacted the Egyptian embassy with these questions, but have not received a reply. If you carry prescription and non prescription meds, did you have any difficulty? Did you have any instruction from Road Scholar about this issue--they just told me to check with the Embassy.
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    Cathy, I'm going on the October 1st Egypt trip. Will be glad to meet you and your husband if you are on the same trip.
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    We are going Oct 21-Nov 3. Have a great time.