Two Worlds of Peru

I am interested in hearing from anyone who has participated in the Two Worlds of Peru trip.  I read a review elsewhere that stated the boat Amatista was in poor repair with exposed wiring, no air conditioning, bad mattresses, no hot water, etc.  The reviews on Road Scholar's website do not mention any such problems.  Has anyone voyaged on the Amatista recently?  Is it a safe and reasonably comfortable boat?  Also interested to know if anyone who visited Peru obtained yellow fever, malaria or typhoid treatment prior to traveling.  Thanks.

  • Hi, I was in Peru not so long ago, a year, maybe. I presented at peruvian ayahuasca ceremony at the special healing center and enjoyed local nature a lot. The procedures made me feel much better and the community was quite nice. That was the first time I was in Peru, but it was surprisingly good. I recommend it, but also don't forget about treatment prior to traveling.

  • Hello, thank you for reaching out with your concerns about the Amatista. The ship was refurbished in 2011. We have received nothing but stellar reviews about this ship since it was refurbished. We hope to see you on this adventure sometime soon! Best, Rachel