Would you start a forum for Peru, or South America, for discussions about upcoming trips? We are looking forward to a "Two Worlds of Peru" trip with RS in September and a specific place to chat would be lovely. Thank you.

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    Be sure to research the side effects of Malarone--there are more than described above.
    Doxycycline also causes nausea and vomiting.
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    Yes, insomnia and increased urination are apparently other common side effects of Malarone that other folks experienced. I guess I got lucky with having no side effects to any of the travel meds I was taking. I took doxycycline as an anti-malarial and Diamox for the Andes portion of the program. Diamox is also supposed to cause an increase in urination, but I didn't notice anything untoward and had an easier time up there at altitude than I thought I was going to.
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    We are going on that same trip in April 2018. We are coming from Minnesota and arriving early in the morning on the 12th. I know that we are unable to get into our room until the afternoon. Hoping to sleep on the plane.
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    I wonder if you meant early in the morning on April 19th or April 20? We are coming from Massachusetts (via Hartford, CT) and will be arriving in Lima at 11:45 PM on the 19th. So after clearing customs we will not get to the hotel until probably between 1-2 am on the 20th. If I am interpreting it correctly, the 19th is a paid trip night so we should be able to check in after midnight without a problem.
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    We are going in April to Peru and it is the Majesty and Mystery: Ancient Civilizations. April 12-24th. This must be another option with RS. Holbrook booked us with American Airlines. MN to Dallas. We get to Lima Thursday the 12th at 5:24 am. Check in is 3:00 I believe. I wanted to avoid late night and opted for early morning. Not sure which is a better option. Looking forward to trying a RS trip.
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    OK, now I understand. We are doing the Hiking the Inca Trail trip on April 19-May 1. Hope you have a great time. Would love to hear from others who are on the same trip as my husband and I. (Our first RS trip too!)
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    In 2016, I spent a week with a group building housing (with the Fuller Center) near sea level. Then we toured for a week by train, plane, and shuttle-bus. Just a word about altitude sickness for the uninitiated. It's REAL and it can put a serious damper on your fun! After much consideration, I decided to forego the pharmaceutical option, and just do as the locals do. So, I drank tea made with coca leaves. This completely cured the symptoms I was having at Cusco. And, while ascending Huayna Picchu (the mountain above above Machu Picchu) I chewed coca leaves. Incidentally, Cusco is at higher altitude than Machu Picchu. In case you wonder, I did not return home addicted to anything besides coffee, and I left home with that addiction.
  • I will be traveling to Peru this year - Perspectives of Peru and then later Maya -Yucatan (Mexico). I have never traveled much so this will be a big adventure for me and I would welcome any packing tips for clothing. The packet I read suggested doing hand laundry every few days and then later said it's so humid clothing may not dry. I'm trying to decide what are the best types of clothing, long sleeve hiking clothing, t-shirts, etc., how much to pack and do I account for hand laundry. Any experiences you'd like to share would be most welcome. I'm looking forward to my adventures with RS travelers!
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    The clothing you would need depends upon the specific places you'll be visiting. Near the coast where I worked, it's nearly a rainless desert. But, on the Eastern side of the Andes mountains, it's rain forest. And, of course, at high elevations, you can get extreme temperature variations. The only concrete suggestion I can give you is to plan on dressing in layers, and avoid wearing cotton underwear. I found it best to wear moisture-wicking underwear, shirts, and pants, as I perspire a lot. Doing hand-laundry works if you're staying in one place long enough to dry the clothes. I hope this helps, and I hope you have a wonderful experience. Most Peruvians I encountered were wonderful people. They definitely made me feel welcome!
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    Layering is good for the Andes, but not the Amazon. When we were in the Amazon, we were encouraged to wear long sleeves when on certain excursions to avoid sunburn and mosquito bites. Some people wore a tank top or other short sleeve shirt underneath their long sleeves and some of those people got struck down by the heat. I am usually quite heat sensitive, but somehow I didn't get struck down. I wasn't wearing anything beneath my long sleeve including no bra. Also, I got those special quick dry underwear (Ex Officio). One pair dried after few hours after washing whereas another took about 2 days. Same brand, but different colors. I thought that was weird. The humidity felt the same to me, but I didn't look at any measurements as I was convinced that it was perpetually 95-100% humidity. Just accept that you will get hot and sweat and concentrate on the other wonderful aspects of the Amazon, if you're going there.
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    Where can you get tea and leaves going April 13-21 2018
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    All the hotels in the Andes had them at every meal.
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    I am also a single female traveler arriving around 11:30 pm in Lima in September. I was told by Holbrook to take "Taxi Green" at the airport. Do you remember what service Holbrook arranged for you?