Vaccinations needed for Tanzania

I am planning a trip to Tanzania and am trying to decide what type of vaccinations I should get before the trip. I've read the suggested vaccines on the CDC site but am not sure all of them are necessary for a vacation in Tanzania. 

  • I am visiting Kenya and Tanzania in September and went to a Travel Medicine clinic for consultation and vaccination. (You can Google your area for such a clinic.) I understand that Yellow Fever vaccine is required for both countries unless you have a statement from your doc saying you cannot take it. Note that Yelow Fever vaccine is in short supply and not every clinic is able to provide it. I also got typhoid vaccination and a prescription for malaria pills. Hepatitis A and tetanus vaccines are recommended for any overseas travel.
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    I went in January with another group. All info very accurate. Take the shots.
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    The Yellow fever vaccination is usually waived for people over 60 these days. There are risks and side effects that apparently outweight the likely benefit of the injection. I think you still need a certificate indicating that the waiver was granted.
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    Thanks Sue. How far in advance should one get the vaccinations, it's not too early for September?
  • 'Went to Kenya/Tanzania last Nov, and didn't get the Yellow Fever vac, since I wasn't coming from a country with a YF problem. It was somewhat an issue at the borders, but not a big deal. Get the yellow card. It'll make life easier, but I wouldn't worry about it in any case.