History of the Canal

Can anyone recommend one of Road Scholar's 3-4 Panama Canal programs?

  • "Grit and Glory" is good if you want to see the canal, focus on its history, and travel through it on a small boat. The trip does not include other explorations (jungle, beach, indigenous cultures) in Panama. This is a popular trip - 50 people on my transit - so keep that in mind if you prefer a smaller group. Hotels and food are good, buses will be full.
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    Thanks for that bit of feedback. I am doing "Grit and Glory" in November 2017 and from what you say it sounds exactly what I am looking for.
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    Did you go? How was it?
  • We just completed the trip on Saturday. For reasons never explained to us we were only allowed to go halfway thru on the boat. Then we were bussed to our hotel. I would grade the hotels as OK at best and the food as poor.
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    Thanks for your response. Hmm...most of the published reviews are positive 5 stars. I’m trying to go in Feb from CA. Initially routing thru Atlanta with a solo late night Panama arrival -no way! I’m researching LAX & SFO, if I can get to one on my own. I’m hoping you still would recommend the tour?
  • The canal itself was fascinating. The guides were good. So it depends how much you care about the other stuff.
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    Just returned from the "Best of Panama" tour. 15 people max. 2 days on the canal/Panama city ( which was plenty of time for all 15) then on to the Rain Forest and Carribbean coast. I think this tour is relatively new, (I think we were the 2nd group). I guarantee that this will be a favorite when the word spreads. No one was disappointed. All loved it.