Best of Portugal - From Age of Discovery to Today

Just wondering who else might be going on this trip (May 4-May 13, 2019). Would like to communicate with

others on this trip, and also, with those who have already experienced this trip.  What did you like about it,

did it satisfy (or even exceed) your expectations?

  • I'm going on the same trip but leaving 5/18 and have basically the same questions. Hope you enjoy your trip
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    Hi, EASTEND BEE. Surely not Eastend London? Anyway, my wife and I visited Portugal twice in the 70's but I'm sure
    a lot has changed since then. not least of which, the overthrow of Salazar for a democracy. Only visited from Lisbon
    south to the Algarve, so looking forward to this trip (Coimbra, Porto, etc up north.)
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    Hi: no not London, NYC ! Also looking forward to Portugal. Are you and your wife on the 5/18 trip?
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    Sorry, I was busy packing for the trip beginning May 4 thru the 13th. So much to do after returning from Portugal that I'm just getting to your last post now.

    My wife passed away just over 3 years ago, so I've been going solo on my 4 RS trips so far. Portugal was fabulous and if
    you are fortunate enough to get Adriana Alves as your tour guide, you are guaranteed to have a marvelous time. Please
    let me know how the trip went when you return.