Wild Africa: Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia luggage ?

I am currently looking for a duffel bag that meets the required dimensions for this trip....10 inches wide x 12 inches high x 24 inches long.  Does anyone have any good suggestions?  Also wondering how much laundry is really done in the camps?  Thanks


  • The most recently received spiral program guide for #3645 notes that size maximum is now 12x14x27. LLBean has a 11x12.5x24, Mountain Classic Cordura Duffle, $99. We bought two and they seem fine.
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    Check out the REI “big haul 60” duffle. We used one for this exact trip last year and it worked fine. The camps will do all your laundry needs as I recall with exception of one which didn’t do under garments. This was a wonderful trip. You will love it!