Barcelona & Madrid - At a Slower Pace, April - May 2018


This will be our first Roads Scholar trip and we're leaving from Boston [Logan] on Fri, April 27th. We're looking forward to meeting other participants beforehand on this Discussion list and meeting you in person when we land.

Jennie Connolly & Russell Todd

  • Can't believe it's just about a week until we leave and there's only one other entry on this discussion board. Well Jennie and Russell glad you're here. I am a widowed lady travelling on my own and I would really like to get acquainted with some of my fellow travelers before the trip. I was in Barcelona about a dozen years ago when the cruise ship I was sailing on stopped there for 6-8 hours. That just whetted my appetite and since then I've been dying to return. Never been to Madrid but that is someplace I've also wanted to visit.

    I have not traveled with Road Scholar before, but have been to several places in Europe with Grand Circle before; when I saw this trip it was exactly what I was looking for and here I am.

    I live in New Jersey and will be flying out of Newark Airport. I am eight years retired and devote much of my time to my
    . volunteer job as a docent at Thomas Edison National Historical Park. If you want to know anything about Edison just ask.

    Gaye Olin
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    Hello Gaye,

    It is wonderful to meet you. We both work(ed) in high tech, though I retired last fall. We think we want to travel after Russell retires, so this is our getting our toes wet. We’re working our way up to a barge/riverboat cruise in a year or two. I spent some time in Germany in the early 1980s and Russell has traveled through the Netherlands. Spain is brand new to both of us. We liked the idea of not unpacking every night on our first trip together (other than our honeymoon three years ago).

    Thomas Edison is fascinating. We can’t wait to hear your stories.

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    See you tomorrow. What time are you scheduled to land in Barcelona?
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    We’re scheduled to land in Barcelona at 2:05, flying in from Zurich on Swiss Air.
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    Hello Gaye, I am a shy single woman from New Jersey. I'm taking this trip next April. Have limited travel experience only for business. Words of wisdom when you get back.