Camino Oct 9-22

Hello fellow travelers, we are Shirl and Fred Lane from Ponte Vedra Beach FL

First time using this discussion board.  

Looking forward to meeting you all.  

  • Hello Shirl and Fred. You are long returned from your trip to Spain, but, as I am just seeing this post, I am wondering what you thought of the trip. I've entertained the idea of doing the entire Camino (the Spanish part anyway), but wonder if
    the trip you took was worth a look. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure. Larry
  • Hi Shirl and Fred! This is my first attempt at discussion board, and Camino Sept 17-30, 2019, will be my first RS trip. I've been trying to get opinions so I can pack lightly and be prepared. Hoping you will be able to advise. I have many questions! [1] I live in Savannah, GA, where it is exceptionally FLAT. I am trying to train (elevated treadmills, etc) and can't get info from RS on elevational gains or losses on specific hikes. (especially the first couple of days) Can you advise me? I can bring hiking pole(s) to assist my weak knee. [2] Also what kind of weather did you encounter? And did you need to carry capacity for clothing layers? [3] I am wondering about size of day pack (large fanny pack? Day pack?) [4] Does RS provide water bottles? I'd rather bring my own refillable bottle if appropriate, but not if superfluous. [5] I'm thinking I will want a bottle of Spanish wine with dinners (to share with my traveling companion). Do you know if that was easy to obtain, and prices? [6] Was it easy in all cities you visited to find ATMs for cash withdrawals? [7] Were the RS dinners quite late, as I understand is Spanish tradition? [8] Did you do personal laundry in hotel rooms, or use hotel laundry service? [9] Did you travel in Spain beyond the RS itinerary, either before or after? Any advice on bus, train, internal flights? [10] How difficult was the Madrid airport? I HOPE you enjoyed your trip, despite the frustration of not being able to connect with others prior to your trip! There are not many Camino forum messages at all!
  • In reply to JBMURLLESS022615:

    Hey JBMURLLESS (I like your handle). Since you are doing the 'Camino' with RS, you won't be doing the whole thing.
    It starts in France. But bring comfortable hiking shoes and comfortable socks and you'll be fine. Wine is very affordable and readily available anywhere in Spain. Oh, and a typical Spanish 'cena' (dinner) will start around 9:30 - 10:00 p.m.
    My guess is that the RS dinners will start somewhat earlier, but it's only a guess.
    On my last RS trip (Portugal), the RS coach always had a supply of cold, bottled water on hand....and we weren't even
    hiking. I'm going to go way out on a limb and predict all your concerns will evaporate once your trip begins on the ground in Spain. Have a great time!