Rafting on Colorado-August, 2020-Trip #2114HBH

Would like to make contact with anyone signed up for this trip for possible ride sharing, experience sharing, etc. Contact me at laidley1@gmail.com. Let's 'talk'.

  • I can't believe no one wants to talk about the trip!

  • Try contacting on your date specific page.  Go to MY ACCOUNT>UPCOMING PROGRAMS.  On bottom right is blue button to join trip discussion.  Select DISCUSSION from there and see if you get a bite.

    To date, I have made a point of opening a discussion on date specific page and have never received a response.  But as they say every once in a while a blind squirrel finds a nut.

    I have not done this trip but:

    Marble Canyon has California Condors at the bridge.  They tend to hang around the understructure.  Last year I was lucky enough to see maybe 5-6 condors.  Have been there many times and nary a one.  Stunning.  Bring Binocs if you can.

  • Hi,   I am not on this trip but I saw on an email newsletter alert that space is still available. I am scheduled for a trip to Switzerland early Sept and reconsidering now and thinking about re-booking a US trip. I have never done Road Scholar and have been to the Grand Canyon for a short visit and little hiking. I love camping and in pretty good shape for mid-60 but never rafted. What drew you to this trip beside the wonderful scenery and adventure?  Are you concerned at all about the heat - that is my concern since temp is likely 90-100F during the day. Do you have rafting experience from other trips?  Since it is rated highest for activity level, I was hesitant. Sorry to take your post to benefit my decision.  I haven't heard anyone post about my trip to Switzerland either and I posted  last week.   The trip specific discussion board is not working for my trip and I need to ask RS again to fix it.   

  • Good Morning! I'm signed up for 2 trips mid August in Wisconsin. If they cancel I would love to go on this trip. I would be driving down from Denver. So far I have had 4 trips cancelled. I wish RS wouldn't cancel all trips, some would be OK (some states).

  • Hi, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the heat is an issue, but the bottom of the canyon will not be that hot. I have canoe, and kayak experience, not rafting. But as they used to say in Sea World-you will get wet. You don't have to hike. Just stay with the raft near the river 'chilling out'. I love desert hiking. And I love the Southwest, and would move there if my life was different. RS is a very good trip service. I've been on at least three so far. Cancellations now up through end of July. Not optimistic for this trip. Need a Plan B. Hope things work out for you. It's a lot of work to have fun. 

  • Well, we'd love to have you join. The more the merrier-at least before the virus changed things. RS Cancellations now through the end of July. I have my doubts about the trip. We all need alternatives to look at. Hope it works out for you. 

  • Thanks for your reply. I agree that this trip may not occur in August and realistically it may not be the best fit for me. I hope it works ot for you.  Considering all of the uncertainty with possible cancellations I will likely postpone Switzerland until 2021 so I can have the full experience without added rules and limitations.  TBD before full payment is due.