Highlights of Albuquerque Balloon Festival 2018

This is our very first Road Scholar trip and our first time to the Balloon Festival. Any special tips on getting to/from airport to motel? We have been told to be prepared to dress in layers (cool in morning and warm in afternoon). Any other ideas on getting the most out of this trip?


  • Definitely bring layers. Due to the high altitude, it can be fairly chilly in the early morning and after the sun sets. I know it's a pain to lug layers, but you'll be thankful you did.
  • We did the Balloon Festival several years ago and one of the things that we used was gloves given out by a vendor. I think a stretchy pair from the dollar store would be good on those early morning launches would work well. Also warm socks as the field is grassy. Go out on the field where the balloons are being prepared for launch if you want a good perspective of the scale of the balloons. This was my #1 to do trip and did not disappoint. Have a great time.