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who is arriving mid afternoon at airport and would like to share ride to hotel?

  • My wife and I are attending the Landscape Photography With an Arizona Highways Photographer, April 08, 2018 - April 14, 2018. We are flying in a few days early to visit relatives but will need to return the car to the airport and get to the program on the 8th. Is anyone else arriving at the airport on the 8th? We can share transport to the hotel.
  • I will be arriving via American Airlines at 2:45 pm and planned to schedule the shuttle as mentioned by Road Scholar or perhaps Lyft ahead of time. Will be glad to share either. I will be checking a bag so perhaps we could meet at the baggage claim?
  • meant to say my name is Marion.
  • Hi Marion,
    We'd love to share a cab or Lyft, I think the shuttle is a "per person" price so wouldn't save us any money. We fly in on Friday and are renting a car to visit relatives, we'll look around at transportation options while we're at the airport. We'll return the car on Sunday and then meet you at baggage claim so we can all get a cab/lyft to the hotel. My email is, maybe we can exchange cell phone numbers via personal email so we can find each other.