Volunteering at Gray Mountain Elementary Navajo School

I'm scheduled to visit Gray Mt. school Oct. 21-26, 2018 and would appreciate some input regarding the school itself - total enrollment, grades/number of classes per grade level, typical class size and demographics; general curriculum scope; any special area classes included?  I am a retired physical education instructor having taught forty-five years in the Volusia County, Florida public school system.  Any ideas of what to expect?  I'm game for almost anything imaginable.

  • I just signed up and also know nothing about this school. I live in Gainesville! Also former teacher, first grade and Natural History Museum. Assume you're flying from Orlando? I haven't made travel plans yet. Are you Allison? I'm interested in connecting with someone who would like to extend trip and explore Antelope Canyon. It would probably require an additional two days. Google it and see what you think. Bonnie
  • Thanks for your input. I am flying out of Orlando on the 21st and have already purchased my round-trip ticket, returning on the 27th making an extended stay out of the question. Antelope Canyon sounds intriguing but I'm not certain that my wife would go along with this suggestion!! I hope you can find someone!!
  • LOL Well, you don't fit my criteria for travel companion, either, that is, female. I was looking at flights and all of those out of Orlando seem to arrive around ten P.M. Would you (and your wife) mind telling me which you found that leave early enough to get us to Cameron on time? I appreciate any help.
  • Sunday, Oct 21...American Airline (AA) out of Orlando #1024 depart 7:40 am. Arr Dallas 9:39 am/AA #2519 out of Dallas to Phoenix depart 10:50 and arrive Phoenix 11:24. Cutting it close to catch the shuttle for Flagstaff. Hope this is of some help for you. Arrangements must be made to catch the 12 noon shuttle at the latest in order to make connections at Flagstaff and on to Cameron. I'm going to make reservations. Road Scholar has info on all this stuff...prices, times, location of shuttle(s) at the airport, etc. Lord, please don't leave me behind!!
  • Huh. Didn't see that one. To get to Orlando for that flight, I'd have to leave Gainesville like, four A M. Will keep looking. Maybe there's a wagon train we can join. This isn't easy. You are, indeed, cutting it short. Will be praying none of us miss the shuttle. See you in Cameron. Thanks for sharing your information.
  • Why can't you go to Phoenix a day early???
  • Hey, Ellen! I'm doing what a lot of us in N. Central Fl have done in past. Spending night in Jacksonville, getting an early flight out. Will catch the 10:30 shuttle to Flagstaff. I'm extending the trip two nights and renting a car to go up to Page, AZ to tour Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe bend (Lake Powell). Haven't made those plans yet, doing research. Planning a vacation used to be so simple! Bonnie