Pueblo Heritage program #4541ZMC


Anyone have taken this trip or booked for October 21-27?

this is our first RS adventure. Any suggestions?

How difficult was/is the hikes and steps  in the program?

What should we expect as to the temperature day vs evening in Oct?

We expect to end our trip in Gallup and rent a car and drive to ALBQ. for a few days.  Anyone need a lift or share the ride?


Maris & Al



  • hi Maris & Al. I am booked on the Oct. 21-28 trip and this will be my first Road Scholar trip. Getting to Flagstaff in one day from where I living in Washington State is not possible so I am tacking on an overnight at the PHX airport at either end and am taking the shuttle to the Flagstaff Amtrak station. I am planning for moderate temps during the day with colder evenings. I'm packing a rain jacket to insure that it does not rain. Looking forward to meeting you both. Katie B.