Hiking Arizona’s Marble Canyon and Vermilion Cliffs: Off the Beaten Path

Hi, Has anyone done the Marble Canyon hikes with the RS? I read the review and it said "Don't do it if you are afraid of heights." I am afraid of heights. Can anyone give more details about this program and the hikes? Thanks. 

  • Hello doroissocool, thank you for reaching out! We'd be glad to give you more details on the hikes. Can you first let us know when you are thinking of attending this program so we make sure there is space for you and that the information we give you about the hikes is accurate? We'll look forward to hearing back from you soon! Best, Rachel
  • I am planning to go in October, maybe even 2019. But I already have 2 other Roadscholar trips. But it will be in October during my fall break IF I decide to go. I will not sign up yet. I read the reviews and it said many times that the hikes are not for people with fear of height. I have serve fear of heights, so this trip may not be for me. Thanks.
  • Hi doroissocool, thank you for your reply. We apologize for the delay in responding to you here on the discussion board. One of our advisors reached out to you on November 2nd regarding the hikes and gave you the number for NAU to discuss in more depth with them about the hiking and elevations. We are available if you have any further questions before enrolling in this program to Arizona. Hope to see you on this adventure next October! Best, Rachel
  • I am thinking about March 2020.