ECCO in Oakhurst

Has anyone been here recently? I'm a little leery because here was a review from a Road Scholar in 2016:



Stayed here 5 nights for on a road scholar trip. The place has hardly anything to keep you amused.. rooms are clean, ok...not fancy. The food on the other hand is so bad and uninteresting, that we could hardly eat it.The food resembled prison food, or hospital food. In fact the whole place was run by people who looked like they had just been released from prison....creepy. I have never stayed at a place where they didn't serve toast with breakfast? or food that looked so unappetizing , and redundant...bottled salad dressings, jello, canned veggies, California?????????unacceptable to say the least. On top of that, there is zero to do there....stay anywhere else...

  • I was wondering that too. was looking into the Yosemite trip for June??
  • My husband and I will be going to ECCO in Oakhurst in October, 2017. Has the situation above improved? Wish I would have seen this post before we signed up. Does anyone have any updates?
  • I just returned from a RS Yosemite trip based out of ECCO in Oakhurst.

    I think that review was absolutely ridiculous and way off-base.

    The food was very good. It was tasty, it was varied. It did not remotely resemble hospital food. I have never been in prison so I cannot speak to that. ;)

    The staff at ECCO were friendly, helpful, and not at all creepy. Personally, I thought that comment in the review was rather offensive and uncalled for.

    The rooms were clean and functional. They were not high-end. (If you want high-end, go to the Ahwahnee or to the Tenaya Lodge, and expect to pay many hundreds of dollars per night just for the room.)

    To summarize, I suggest you ignore that review. I can personally attest to the fact that ECCO in Oakhurst is a very good place to stay. Enjoy your trip to Yosemite!

  • Yes, I've stayed here on a RS trip to Yosemite. The rooms are basic but clean and adequate for sleeping. So overall it's fine but I too was disappointed in the food. But you ARE very close to town and we were allowed to leave and have dinner elsewhere. There is a wonderful burgers-and-beer place (I forget the name!) nearby. In any event, I would say do not let the poor reviews deter one from enjoying the trip - if it's Yosemite you are visiting, GO! !
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    Thanks for the review of the review. It was very helpful.
    Your description is just what I would expect of the facilities for this type of trip.
    We are signed up for July. Can't wait.
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    To be clear, I was referring to the comment from joannep on Oct. 7.
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    You're welcome, Kelly. Enjoy your trip to Yosemite, it's a glorious place!
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    We are signed up for August. Looking forward to it!
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    We are taking this trip June 10th. I did hear there was a new chef hired last fall and the food was great. Positive reviews on trip advisor too. Will let you know.
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    I use Trip Advisor all the time and found it to be quite reliable, so that is reassuring. Looking forward to your review.
  • Do not miss Yosemite !!! My wife and I were there in September 2017. THE FOOD WAS VERY GOOD !. MY wife is a closet gourmet. She personally talked to the chef several times regarding the food presentation and variety.
    The coordinator was vert efficient and SHIRLEY SPENCER is a treasure not to be missed. I rated the program 5 stars because 6 stars was not available.

    Ed Marroso
  • I've done several trips staying At ECCO in Oakhurst and had a wonderful time each time. The lodge is inviting and a friendly place to get acquainted. I thought the meals were varied , plentiful and quite good! The grounds are
    restful and spacious--includes walking paths. We were always too busy with lectures and day trips with a wonderful leader to ever be bored! Sounds like this person should plan to go to a resort .
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    Thank you for your review. I have stayed at Audubon Center in Minnesota, so anything would be an improvement. I am more concerned in transportation from Fresno to the center. I can not drive there and am afraid if my plane is late I ill be stuck. Any advice?