Using ride-shares from Ontario Airport to Palm Springs

Upcoming trip to Palm Springs
, arriving Ontario Airport. Discovered that Super Shuttle is going out of business. Very limited shuttle service available to Palm Springs. Am considering Lyft service, Uber can no longer use Ontario Airport. Has anyone used Lyft for this distance, about 80 miles? I do not want to rent a car or drive alone. Any thoughts about Lyft and setting up ride for specific date & time?


  • Lyft/Uber do not guarantee rides. Even with reservation. Scheduled rides can be done 7 days in advance.

    That being said there are more expensive rides to keep in your back pocket in the event something happens and Lyft doesn't work out. shows you options. is a yikes $300 R/T (I used airport to airport for estimate).

    Amtrak runs a train from Ontario to Palm Springs, the times are terrible, but cheap.

    Ontario to Palm Springs 10:54PM to 12:36am for $13.00.  Palm Springs to Ontario 10:54pm to 12:36am for $13.00.

  • Hello, per our phone call to you on January 2, the best option we can recommend is Lyft. I have used it personally for a rather long distance and had no trouble with their service. We hope you have a wonderful time on your upcoming adventure! Best, Rachel