Death Valley

I am interested in the Death Valley Trip, either program 6120RJ  (Death Valley NP) or 7608RJ (includes Valley of Fire). Has anyone done those and is so, what is the best time of year to go? I was thinking about February when the flowers bloom. Thank you. 

  • I am signed up for the later February trip that goes to both Death Valley and Valley of Fire. Two comments:
    1. The flowers generally don't bloom until April, and only if there is rain at that time. So February will be unlikely to give you the beautiful fields of flowers (although who knows what will happen with the weather these days.)
    2. I did a day trip to Valley of Fire on my own last year in March, and it is wonderful. I real hidden gem. Many people go out to Red Rock Canyon from Las Vegas, but I enjoyed Valley of Fire much more. Highly reccomend.