Hiking Rocky Mt Natl Park for Women

I've signed up for this trip in mid-July. Info says to bring "layers for cold weather." Are we just talking base layers, shirts and long pants -- or heavy coat, hats, gloves, etc? I know we're up in the altitude, but it's mid-July and I don't want to take up space in my luggage dragging a bunch of heavy clothes that I won't really need. If anyone has been on this trip in the summer and can give me advice, I'd sure appreciate it.

Carol Priddy

  • Haven't been on this trip but have been to Rocky Mtn Natl Park many times. The higher elevations can become very cold depending on wind, elevation, cloud cover, moisture. I usually carry a woolen cardigan as a top layer which I can also tie around my waist when not needed. Silk long johns are also nice. You might consider those long water proof pants that can zip off the lower legs into shorts which offers options...fingerless mittens and a warm hat are good - just in case. I like cashmere since they are lightweight and easy to stuff into pockets. There are many lightweight items that are warm and waterproof and will let you avoid taking up luggage space with heavy items. Check with sporting good stores and catalogue stores that sell to hikers, sportsmen, etc.