November Civil Rights tour

Very much looking forward to this trip -- my first Road Scholar experience.   I received my name tag this week and yesterday I received a phone call with my roommate's name too.  That makes it feel so much closer than it did when I first enrolled.

I have started some of the suggested reading but have a suggestion for whoever puts together these lists.  Please prioritize the titles, especially when most of them are very long.  Of the titles on the list, four are 500 pages or more!  If I knew that one of these was an essential text, I'd be willing to put the time in, but as it is, I have no idea which is the most important.  I have purchased and read the one small title (not much more than a pamphlet) and am now reading Eyes on the Prize, which appears to be the most comprehensive overview of the group.  Anyway, knowing where to start with reading would be helpful, at least for some of us.

Can't wait to meet my fellow travelers in less than a month.

Marsha A Hunt

Glenside, PA