Civil Rights Tour

Anybody out there doing the Civil Rights Tour in October?  

Wondering about the weather, and what to pack.  

  • Hi Judy . . I am also going to be on the Civil Rights tour in October. This is my first time traveling with RS. I will be flying from Seattle to Atlanta. My friend who was travelling with me had an unexpected accident and may need back surgery so had to cancel her trip. I am not afraid of traveling alone but sharing a room is a bit uncomfortable. Do you have any experience you can share regarding the above? Will their be a shuttle or some type of transportation provided from the airport to our Hotel?
    Thank you in advance.
  • No, I have not gotten that far in my planning yet. Am ASSUMING (bad policy) that there will be some sort of shuttle at the airport that will get to the correct hotel. I arrive in Atlanta at 2:54 p.m. United. I need to do some checking. I just asked a friend of mine to ask her niece about the weather there. NOT a clue and have not heard back. Will post here if I get any good info. I'm hoping it will not be hot, hot. Am planning on light pants and a few layers of tops. My only experience in the South was hot HOT and humid in Sept. But this is a month later.
  • According to the weather site that I use . . October in Atlanta, GA is between 85-91 degrees. But, I'm not sure as of now what the humidity will be. I plan on light/comfy pants, layered tops, one rain jacket and a pair of my favorite walking sandals and a pair of tennis shoes. I will check the weather the week before we leave and be happy to let you know.
    What date do you arrive? I will be arriving Atlanta Oct 13 at 2:50PM. (I need time to adjust to time change and flight)!
  • I don't arrive till the 14th. I did find a phone number in my packet to call to reserve shuttle from airport to hotel. But, apparently I called too late tonight. Will try again. One way trip $30 with RS discount. I should have booked for the 13th, but OH well. I'm coming from Oregon. Have to stop in Denver. will be a long day. Thanks. Look forward to the trip.
  • So, I called today to get Shuttle from airport to hotel. $30 with RS discount, one way. 770-457-4794 They ask for flight number, airline, and arrival time. and name of hotel. Can charge to cc or pay cash upon arrival.
  • That's a great price compared to what I found. Is this the MARTA shuttle to the Hotel? I found this information on RS website, put in our date, transportation and the very last page will talk about the MARTA instructions. I would like to think the Hotel shuttle (MARTA) is a courtesy but if not your shuttle sounds great!
  • It is Superior Shuttle, listed in my packet.