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Can't believe i'm the first to post in this forum! Kentucky is where I'm from, and although I don't live there now, I love talking about all the great things there are to see and do there, and really enjoy getting to do them when I travel back. Like:

Louisville! It's one of my favorite cities on Earth - and I've been to more than 35 countries! The restaurants, the vibe, the relative ease of getting around downtown by mass transit, the walkability of "the Highlands", the parks, Actor's Theater of Louisville, Shakespeare in the Park, the general vibe of the city... it's really wonderful. 

Bardstown, Bourbon capital of the world! Great distillery tours (Maker's Mark is one of the best)

Audubon State Park in Henderson, Kentucky: great museum of Audubon prints, beautiful hiking trails, decent campground (and cabins!)

The WC Handy Blues Festival in Henderson, Kentucky: world-renowned and FREE. Every summer.

AppalShop: a cultural center in Eastern Kentucky that produces music, theater and other art from the region. 

Mammoth Cave: one of the first UNESCO world heritage sites. Massive cave system! 

  • I have booked Program 22335 On The Road and we have one afternoon free in downtown Louisville. I have been looking at things to do within walking distance. My list so far is Brown Hotel, Filson Historical Society, Historic Walking Tour, Trolley Tour, Louisville Slugger, Memphis Pyramid. Looking for local recommendations on things to do and local eats. Want to try a Mint Julep or find a great tasting room for Bourbon. Have never had either! We stop in Bardstown but unfortunately not at any of the distilleries :-(.
  • I'm not a KY expert so maybe Jayne knows but I think the Brown Hotel is where they started the iconic KY sandwich the "Hot Brown"? It's kind of an open-face hot turkey sandwich with cheese or mornay sauce over it.

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