Room types in Many Glacier Hotel and Prince of Wales Hotel?

Doing the Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes trip in late August.  I can't get anyone from Road Scholar to respond other than "your concern has been noted," which means nothing.  Have any of you done this trip? The Many Glacier Hotel has rooms facing the spectacular lake, or you look at a parking lot.   Which side will Road Scholars get booked into?  In the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton, the top floors were originally built as servant rooms and are tiny, AND, the upper floors are not reached by the elevator so you have to drag yourself and your bags up flights of stairs.   Same question, will Road Scholars get stuck in the hotel's worst rooms?  For the $4,000 this bucket list trip is costing me, I'm not thrilled at the idea that we'll be in the cheap seats.

  • I have not been on this trip but I do have a couple of ideas for you as I'm not sure you'll find out anything from the RS office.

    - I'd ask who is running the trip. I've done a trip to Yellowstone that was done by the University of Montana Western in Dillon. They have an amazing outreach office and if they are the provider their office might be able to tell you.

    - My 2nd suggestion is to call Many Glacier (IF you can get a number for their front desk which might be an adventure in and of itself!) and talk with someone on the front desk. It may also be that the group rooms aren't assigned until closer to arrival so they may not be able to tell you. Yours won't be the only group tour there. I'm guessing that was your question on the Trip Advisor Montana forum (not stalking you, lol, just look at that forum every day and post on the Wyoming forum frequently). If you can't find the number Al or MaryEllen might be able to point you to it.

    I'd also say you may not be spending much time in your room anyway. I go to Yellowstone a lot and really - I am in my room to shower and sleep, lol!

    The trip looks like it will be fabulous!