Christmas in Yellowstone # 21783 Share a ride from Bozeman airport to W. Yellowstone

This is a Bucket List trip for me. I love Yellowstone in the Summer. Now, I will get to see it in the Winter. Want to share a ride? I'm flexible on time.

  • While I am not on this trip I have done Yellowstone in winter and it is fabulous! If you don't get any takers on sharing a ride, Karst Stage ( ) has a shuttle from Bozeman in winter. I'd also suggest you arrive a day early. A day of flex time will allow for any winter or holiday hiccups in air transportation. You definitely don't want to miss your activities on Day 2. There is plenty to do in West Yellowstone for a day on your own. There may be a snowshoe hike from the YNP Visitor Center in West Yellowstone on a groomed trail, there is a huge Cross Country ski area with groomed trails or you can just walk around town and get acclimated to the cold and the elevation!

    It also looks to me like they have made an error on Day 5. The title says "Early morning Geyser walk then snowcoach to Mammoth Hot Springs". The body of the itinerary says Geyser Hill walk then after lunch "Board snow coaches for our final unforgettable voyage back to our starting point, Yellowstone's Western gateway town." The route back out to West Yellowstone is not going to include going via Mammoth. Even in summer it's a 2.5 hour drive from OF to Mammoth so no way can they add Mammoth in on an afternoon trip to return to West Yellowstone. This is a small point, but just wanted to add it in.

    I love Yellowstone and it is fabulous in winter. I hope you have warm clothes!

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    Would you please elaborate on "warm clothes". I've got fur lined boots and my parka from visiting Antarctica. What else will I need?
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    That should be a good start.

    - You'll need a warm hat and gloves. I like a hat with a brim because I wear glasses and want to keep snow out of my face. I have an Outdoor Research Winter Sombrero but that's pretty spendy for just one trip. Otherwise, I'd go with a warm stocking hat or beanie (polarfleece or wool and polarfleece). I assume you've got a hood on your parka? I want something under the hood.

    - I like glove liners so you can take off your bulky gloves and have a bit more mobility while you take a picture or something. I also want a warm neck gaiter or buff. Get one that is fleece or fleece lined wool.

    What will you wear for pants? To me jeans are pretty cold so I have worn polarfleece sweatpants with either wind pants over them if I'm doing something active or lined snow pants if I'm not as active.

    For your shirt layer, you'll have a heavy parka (I assume it's heavy?) you'll layer. I'd go with something like a Lands End Heat Crew (a long underwear layer but I size up and wear this all winter as a regular shirt), then another thermal layer over that. I'd have a puffy vest over that and under your parka. Costco currently has a very lightweight 32 Degree brand puffy vest for around $16. I wore mine all last winter shoveling snow and it was very good for active times.

    Socks...I'd go with wool. Costco usually has wool socks in the fall which are cheap and good. I was just at the warehouse yesterday and didn't see them in yet but I see them on the website if you are a Costco member. They are the Kirkland brand merino wool trail socks in a 6-pack for $19.99.

    It sounds like I am a walking ad for Costco and Land's End. I'm not, lol, just a satisfied customer. They generally have good quality winter gear at reasonable prices. LLBean does as well. Look for back to school sales over the next month for some sale prices.

    You'll also probably need sunglasses and sunscreen for your face unless you go for a full face ski mask/balaclava.

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    Thanks for the advice. I am also a Costco fan. I bought the 32 Degree puffy coat for my African safaris and it kept me very warm. I think I have everything else you talked about. Can't wait to go!