Glacier and Waterton August 21-28, 2019

Hi, I'm Audrey and this will be my first Road Scholar trip, and first trip to Glacier & Waterton.  Anyone else taken this trip and have any specific advice about what to expect, both positive and negative?  Thanks!

  • I'm not on this trip but I live "next door" in Idaho, lol and travel to Yellowstone a couple of times a year. Expect temps at night to be at or below freezing so have a jacket, light gloves and warm hat. Daytime temps may be warm. The layering combo I use to start every day in Yellowstone is actually - SS Tee/LS DriFit quarter zip/puffy vest/waterproof rain jacket with hood. I start out with this in the AM and peel as it warms thru the day, then start adding back as the sun starts to set or if there is a thunderstorm that brings down the temps. I wear jeans or capris - but always try to have the other one with me in the car to swap out if needed.

    So far we've not had a lot of fire in the West this year altho things are drying out. There may be smoke during your visit but it's too soon to tell. Here is a link to Montana Air Quality (everything looks really good today!) and another wider look at air quality.

    Not sure where you are from and if you have any kind of puffy vest but if you are a Costco member, take a look at their 32 Degree brand vest. It's $16.99 online, maybe a dollar less in a warehouse store. I got one 2 years ago and have worn the heck out of it. This years is polyfill instead of down but it feels very much the same (yes, I got another one this year, lol!).

    Have a wonderful time!