Hiking in Yellowstone

Has anyone done one of these trips?

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    My 1st RS trip is this May to Yellowstone. I fly into Bozeman, MT; I believe the park is in both states....as well as Idaho.
    Anyone else signed up for "The Great Caldera?" I am travelling alone this time.
    I'm from the SF Bay Area and I have never been to Yellowstone. Looking forward to this!
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    Mea Culpa, so it is. However if I were looking for information on Yellowstone I would be looking under Wyoming. I just visited Yellowstone last fall and it was beautiful. Very crowded so the earlier you can get out to sites the better. Also a very interesting, but hidden, place to visit is the Haynes Studio at the Old Faithful area. Great photographs of the park. If you get a chance before you go read Death in Yellowstone. An easy read of the perils in the park. Look for the Second Edition.
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    Hi, I am going on the same trip in May as well. I am from Raleigh, NC. This is my first RS trip and first time to Yellowstone as well. Getting excited! Have you looked into the shuttle? Karen