Hiking boots or running shoes?

HI, I am looking at the trip Hiking in Yellowstone and Grand Teton at our pace.  I think the longest hike will be 5 miles.  I am wondering about the terrain and if hiking boots are necessary or if running or sturdy shoes will be okay.  I've  never found hiking boots to be particularly comfortable.  Thanks.

  • Have you ever tried the low profile (below the ankle) hiking shoes? They feel a lot like running shoes, but have much better lugs (sole treads). You will be hiking on rocky trails, so superior lugs are a must. It is not the length of the hike, but the roughness of the trail and the steepness of the ascent/descent. Be safe.
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    I'm doing the Best of Glacier which is several days of hiking. Is the terrain similar --rough and steep? I'm trying to decide on either hiking shoes or hiking boots (to protect ankles).
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    Hi jmkswan, we recommend you bring sturdy hiking boots and waterproof shoes/sandals for float trip (or use shoes provided for free by the raft company). You will be hiking 2 miles daily over varied terrain. There are also optional hikes of up to 5 miles. We hope you enjoy your adventure! Best, Rachel
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    Thanks. Now I'm wondering whether to get waterproof boots or boots that won't make my feet too hot; they tend to get hot. We're going to be at Glacier the first week in Sept and I understand it can be hot there at that time -- I was told mid-upper 80s. Is there much chance of wet weather? I live in TX so would be able to use cooler boots here at home, too.
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    GoreTex may cost more but so worth it. GoreTex keeps feet dry and breathes. Look for breathable, wicking socks and feet should stay dry. I wear boots in hot weather for ankle stability and never had a problem. I personally have always worn Vasque boots. They have wide toe box. Really have to break them in before taking on trip. Also look for silicone blister bandages. Good to keep in back pack. Best laid plans and all. My boots are more comfortable than sneakers!