Yellowstone or Glacier?

If you could only visit one of Wyoming's most well-known national parks, would you choose Yellowstone or Glacier National Park?

  • I'll be going to Glacier with RS this August, I'm so looking forward to it! It'll be my first time there. I haven't made it to Yellowstone, yet.
  • Last year, I went with RS to both parks. Although I loved traveling to Montana and visiting Glacier, I would return to Yellowstone yearly if I could. The variety of geological features is amazing even within the park itself. We also went up to Banff, Canada and that was also beautiful.
  • It's a really tough decision.. They are both phenomenal parks but very different. Glacier Park is much more mountainous and the views are incredible as you drive up the Going to the Sun Highway. You will also see wildlife hopefully - deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and snow on top of the mountain. The hiking in Glacier is pretty strenuous on most trails. Yellowstone is very unique with the sulfur pools and geysers. Very unique in it's own way too... Wildlife will be different - bison, fox, possibly wolves, moose, elk, bighorn sheep... I don't know - choosing is tough... You really should try and see both in your lifetime if possible... I would say that you see more wildlife in Yellowstone as a rule over Glacier.. I would say that Glacier park is more scenic if you are into incredible mountains... I hope that you get to see both of them eventually.
  • what time in August....are you flying or driving. we are looking at the first week in August?
  • Douglas, I'll be there the last full week of August (22-28), flying into Kalispell.

  • Glacier is known for its beauty. Yellowstone is so incredibly diverse and interesting. -- I've been more times than I can count, including in the winter. But whichever you choose, go in the off season. The crowds can be a significant factor.
  • Glacier. Far less crowded and more wilderness.
  • We are coming to Glacier at the end of August. First trip. We went to Yellowstone with RS a few years ago . It was an awesome trip.  

  • My first two RS programs were to Yellowstone. I did them back to back and loved the day in between. I drove there and used that time to drive though the park from end of the first program based at West Yellowstone to the second program based at Gardiner. Memorable experiences like a herd of elk at Mammoth Hot Springs that were there during the program and a bison walking up to the picnic table next to the one I was seated eating lunch alone (have pictures). Big crowds gather with traffic jams on the road when a bear is sighted, rangers keep an eye out to keep people and bear safe. You'll have a different experience every day spent in the same area. For wildlife, visit Yellowstone.
  • I'm going to glacier on July 30 for a week till August 6 program 19946; flying out of Chicago Ohare. I'm looking for information about binoculars and walking sticks. Don't want to spend more than $100 for binoculars. Are we on the same trip?
  • What kind of binoculars did you use? I'm looking to purchase a pair but don't know what kind or brand to get; there are so many of them.
  • My favorite of all the national parks is actually a different Wyoming one: Grand Teton, which I adore! I keep going back to take grandchildren. Will be going in a few weeks--doing an RS intergen trip with grandchildren in Yellowstone and then will take them to Grand Teton on our own. I did Glacier with Caravan tours and it was lovely, but if it was between that and Yellowstone I would pick Yellowstone.
  • We took our grandson to Yellowstone a few years back and he loved it traveling with the kids. He made some great friends. The wildlife is wonderful to see and we did see all except wolf. Taking the yellow bus was fun too and the kids learned so much about the park and all about geysers, hot pots, etc. Have fun.