Yellowstone or Glacier?

If you could only visit one of Wyoming's most well-known national parks, would you choose Yellowstone or Glacier National Park?

  • Glacier is not in Wyoming. It is in Montana.
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    First, you have to know what it is you want to see with them, for example, birds, stars wildlife. Next, you also need to know how steady your hand is and how much muscular strain you can endure. I noticed on my Yellowstone trip that those with compact binoculars were very disappointed with them because much of the viewing in Yellowstone was often long range over wide areas (scoping for wolves on a distant hilltop for example). I had lugged somewhat larger, heavier binoculars with me, (7 X 35 wide angle) and I was more satisfied with mine than those with compacts, but mine were heavier to pack and hold (more muscle fatigue). The best viewing came from powerful long range scopes set up by the tour guides. Also, beware that getting the highest magnification you can afford isn't always the best solution, because there are trade-offs for that.
  • Yellowstone is in Wyoming. Glacier is in Montana.