Yellowstone or Glacier?

If you could only visit one of Wyoming's most well-known national parks, would you choose Yellowstone or Glacier National Park?

  • Glacier is not in Wyoming. It is in Montana.
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    First, you have to know what it is you want to see with them, for example, birds, stars wildlife. Next, you also need to know how steady your hand is and how much muscular strain you can endure. I noticed on my Yellowstone trip that those with compact binoculars were very disappointed with them because much of the viewing in Yellowstone was often long range over wide areas (scoping for wolves on a distant hilltop for example). I had lugged somewhat larger, heavier binoculars with me, (7 X 35 wide angle) and I was more satisfied with mine than those with compacts, but mine were heavier to pack and hold (more muscle fatigue). The best viewing came from powerful long range scopes set up by the tour guides. Also, beware that getting the highest magnification you can afford isn't always the best solution, because there are trade-offs for that.
  • Yellowstone is in Wyoming. Glacier is in Montana.
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    We just finished a trip to Glacier and were in Yellowstone last summer. The comments above are spot on. Go to both if you have the time. Later in the season would be better, especially for Yellowstone as there are lots of crowds. I would plan to go next year and get reservations early. At Glacier use the free shuttle bus to make the trip from West Glacier to Logan Pass. If you can afford it better to ride the Red Car shuttles as the drivers comment on the scenery. By contract the free Shuttle drivers aren't allowed to comment on the landscape (But if you go for the right front seat many drivers will have a conversation with you) At Yellowstone be prepared to set out early in the morning as the parking lots at many attractions fill up fast. At Glacier I would also opt for a trip via boat up St Marys Lake on the east side of the park. The young woman who Captained our boat passed on a lot of information about Geology, wildlife and history. You will have to reserve a spot a few days ahead of time. And if you bring your passport after the morning boat trip you can drive to Waterton National Park in Canada for the afternoon. (or stay overnite at Prince of Wales Hotel or in more modest accomodations at Waterton Village.)
  • I'd pick the RS trip that includes Glacier and Waterton Lakes. If not, then Glacier
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    If you could only visit one of Wyoming's most well-known national parks, would you choose Yellowstone or Glacier National Park? 

    Hard to beat the beauty of Glacier (in Montana).  That said, we go to Yellowstone next month.


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    I'm planning to go first to Glacier, flying into Kalispell on Sept. 19 and visiting Glacier for 3 days, then driving down to Yellowstone on the 23rd, meeting up with the group on the 24th. Have only been to Yellowstone, but that was on a back country ski trip in January several years ago. Looking forward to seeing it again in such a different time of year!!

  • There is much more to see and do at Yellowstone so it would probably be my first choice. Glacier opens later in the year and closes earlier. They are more apt to get snow, although the last time I was in Yellowstone we got snow in July.
    That said, you may want to schedule Glacier before the glaciers are all gone. Visit Waterton Lakes park just across the border in Canada and be awed by Going To The Sun Road.
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    Hi, Anyone going in Sept 2018? I've been on RS trips and hike in Europe so looking forward to this trip. It will be interesting as I am doing a RS trip in Aug to Mt St Helens. Looking forward to hearing from fellow hikers. Tips on hiking in Glacier welcome.